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Commercial alarms, CCTV and access control

What makes your business an appealing target for a burglar? There are many things, but the most immediate are:


  • Unlocked doors and windows


  • Businesses without an alarm system or one which looks poorly maintained


  • High priced goods visible from the windows or doors of your property


  • Hiding places around the outside of your premises with poor lighting


With the right systems in place you can secure your business property both inside and out, night and day for total peace of mind.

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Our systems include:

Intruder alarms

All Phoenix Security alarm systems are designed and fitted to comply with PD6662 and EN501031 standards.


A full and accurate site survey and risk assessment ensures that the system delivers the proper level of security to suit your exact requirements.


Audible only systems with external alarm to alert neighbours etc. OR add a telephone dialler to alert up to 4 people at each activation.


Remote Monitored Systems, with Police response if required. Use Digi-com; RedCare; or DualCom signalling direct to our Alarm Receiving Centre for a guaranteed 24 / 7 response.

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Access control

Phoenix Security Systems install and service all types of Access Control Systems.


Paxton access is used for the major part of our installs. This system is a very customer friendly system.


Is your office or factory open to the public, do you think it is vulnerable to occasional callers having easy access? Then you need to consider installing some form of access control.


Phoenix Security Systems can supply and fit any type of system, from a simple door intercom, letting you identify callers before opening the door, to a fully programmable system controlling ALL gates and doors in your work space.


We can install and fit all types of audio or video systems with digital code, swipe card or proximity fob, reader function as required. In this way you ensure that only the people you appoint have access to the premises you control at the times you specify.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV can be a huge addition to the security of your premises, and we can supply the ideal system for you.


  • CCTV systems monitored 24/7 by our fully secure monitoring station.


  • Single or multi camera systems - digital recording with remote computer access.


  • Hidden or discreet cameras can be supplied for sensitive applications.


  • Internal and external dummy cameras are available at moderate cost.


CCTV systems can be designed and fitted by Phoenix Security Systems to suit all applications.

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